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Link-Up (NSW) Aboriginal Corporation was founded in 1980 to assist all Aboriginal people who had been directly affected by past government policies; being separated from their families and culture through forced removal, being fostered, adopted or raised in institutions.
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Link-Up (NSW) supports the healing journeys of those removed, delivering professional, culturally sensitive and confidential research, reunions and Social, Emotional and Wellbeing services.

Link-up (NSW) Aboriginal Corporation has a small, dedicated COOEE team that works hard all year putting together the festival for the community and ensuring a successful day of celebrating culture

LinkUp Cooee - Website Wix Assets (20210
LinkUp Cooee - Website Wix Assets (20210
Frequently asked questions:

  • Where can I purchase tickets?
    The COOEE Festival is a free event, no tickets are required.


  • How can I volunteer?
    Contact us at for a volunteer form.


  • Can non-Indigenous people attend this event?
    Yes, the COOEE Festival is a celebration of Aboriginal Australia’s culture and is inclusive for all to get involved.


  • How can I get there by public transport?
    COOEE Festival provides free shuttles buses every year. 

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